Tips for a Well-Mannered Dog

Dogs are man’s best friend, but they are not born to act like humans do. A dog with good manners is not born, but made. Just like kids, dogs need rules and boundaries to keep a healthy relationship. When they are well-mannered you will have confidence that your canine friend will abide by the rules even if you are not looking. This will prevent you from unnecessary stress. Bad dog behaviours can lead to unhappy owners and this can create unstable environment for your pets. Here are a few tips on reinforcing dog manners:

Don’t Delay Training

Start setting house rules immediately. Don’t make excuses like: “But she’s just a little baby!” The more you wait, the more difficult the training will be. This is why training pups are a lot easier than training grown dogs. When you start asserting on what behaviour is unacceptable at a very young age then they will come to accept it easily. When you let your dog be comfortable with very bad behaviour for a very long time then making changes will be quite a chore.

Be Consistent

Most dog trainings fail due to the fact that most owners do not are not consistent on enforcing the new house rules. Tell everyone that it is not only your duty to ensure that your dog follows them-make it a family responsibility. Tell your loved ones that this is a serious issue and never allow them to spoil the dog. Never change the training halfway -this will lead to a lot of confusion and will make things harder for you.

Be Positive

Gone are the days where dog owners resort to spanking or splashing cold water to their face. This kind of discipline will make the dog unhappy and can also lead to more bad behaviors. Positive reinforcement is the key-never forget to be gentle and keep a calm, assertive energy. A simple “good girl or boy” or “good job” can go a long way. Never forget to be generous with the treats as well. Treats will be your key to keeping your dog well behaved.

Set the Environment

Dogs will not misbehave when they don’t see an opportunity. Keep the trash away from the dog’s line of sight and remove him or her from the area if he or she is doing something irritating.

Don’t Forget Exercise

Sometimes, the dog misbehaves because of all the energy that is not being released. Part of your obligation as a pet owner is to take at least an hour a day to give your dog some physical activity. Play fetch on the park or wear some skates. Skating will be a good exercise for you-plus the speed is more fun for your dog-compared to just walking.

Get Professional Help

When things get to be a little bit difficult (especially when you’re dealing with a grown pet), don’t hesitate to hire a professional dog trainer. Obedience classes for four to six months will be a good way for them to teach manners while socializing. That’s like hitting two birds with one stone. Ask around for good trainers, or you can find someone online.

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How to Control Your Dog

Many dogs are simply given away because problem dogs are not handled correctly and the situation slips out of control entirely. It is sad because in most cases the problem could have been evaded if the owner knew how to tackle the problem. Oftentimes dogs behave in a really irritating way and you fail to recognize the exact cause of that behavior. The most common problem with a dog that is behaving strangely is that they lack self-control. The lack of self control is considered the main cause that stimulates behavior problems that includes excessive barking, jumping up and restlessness to demand attention. The question arises how to teach dog for self-control. You can do it in myriads of ways.

To begin with, when you observe your dog loses control incessantly then you must try to put him to work. This implies that you should ask your dog to do something such as sitting or lying down, before he is allowed to do the things he wants to do, like eating, going for a walk, or playing a game with you. When a dog barks or snaps he definitely needs to be properly corrected and handled. The most crucial thing is to control a dog when he is off leash. This is the time you need to respond very wisely.

You need to understand the fact that dogs are not humans so they cannot think or react like humans. This implies that they should not be treated like humans. One of the most important things one needs to understand is that dog responds to the tone of your voice not just words. So be careful with your tone. You must train your dog about sit and down commands.

Do not try to exercise control over your dog when he is hyper active and behaving in an inappropriate way. Problem dogs cannot be corrected when they are at their highest level of excitability. They should be tackled at the lower levels so as to avoid any future frenzy situation. For instance, if your dog is jumping and scratching the door then do not let him out; instead ask him to sit. If he refuses to sit, walk away for some time and return and then try to make him sit again. As soon as he realizes what is expected of him and he sits then you can open the door and let him out.

Patience matters a lot, you have to be very patient while teaching a god to behave. If he is not listening to you don’t get even with him, instead you should walk away for a while. When you walk away from a problem dog, he will begin to understand that he’s not going to get what he wants until he follows your command. Follow this practice over and over and you will see the difference in the level of obedience he will show. He might even surprise you by sitting down patiently even before you order him.

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Ways to Control Your Dog’s Barking

You may describe your new pet as cute, sweet and cuddly-until the barking starts. Just to be fair, barking and dogs go together. It’s their way to communicate.If the barking becomes too much, however, this may annoy a lot of people (especially the ones living next door). It is then important to train your dog to eliminate excessive barking.

Barking can only be solved if the owner understands what the cause of the behavior is. Observe your dog when he starts to bark and ask: “What triggered him to act that way?” If done properly you might lead to one or some of these reasons:

Reason #1: Dogs Bark to Protect You

Dogs are territorial creatures, therefore it is a natural stimulus for your dog to bark whenever a new friend or a new dog is seen coming towards his zone. Your pooch will consider this as an instant threat and may express dominance. In short, barking may be your pet’s way to say: “Touch anything or anyone and I will cut you with my teeth!” to them.

Reason #2: Dogs Bark Because They Are Bored

Maybe you’ve forgotten to play with them and they got really lonely. Most dogs will resort to seeking your attention by barking excessively. They may want to tell you something: they might want to go outside and play or maybe they just want you to pick them up and give them a belly rub.

Reason #3: Your Dog Might be Happy to See You

Barking to dogs is like talking to us. So whenever we arrive home after a very long and tiring day, barking may be your dog’s way of saying: “Boy, I’m so glad to finally see you Master!” This may accompanied by tail wagging, jumping and licking you in the face.

Reason #4: Your Dog Might Be Scared

May it be a very loud noise or being left alone locked in the house, dogs will express their anxiety by barking loudly. It some extreme cases, it might lead to destruction to some things in the household. An anxious dog may also run in circles or pace around.

Reason #5: You Might Have Encouraged the Behavior Before

There might be instances that your dog may have barked (especially when you’ve just arrived home) and you’ve given rewards by petting and giving treats. This may make your canine friend to thing that barking is cool. When this might be a reason of the excessive behavior, then correcting it will be difficult.

How to Correct Excessive Barking

Teaching your dog to stop barking at certain times requires time and patience. The method might depend on what are the causes of the behavior. The following can be done to keep your dog quiet:

1. Keep your dog fit (or tired)

Bored dogs have a lot of pent-up energy waiting to be released, therefore it is important to play with them once in a while. Take time to walk your dog, give some chew toys or let the pup run around the park once in a while. When you get home, your little furry friend will be too tired to let out a single bark.

2. Introduce The Word “Stop” Through Positive Reinforcement

Teach your dog the rules of barking by introducing the word “Stop.” The word may not be used itself-it could be through different verbal or physical cues. This can either be done through acknowledging the bark by saying: “Good girl” and then introduce the stop command. When your dog stops barking, give him or her treats. Lengthen the time intervals as the training progresses: require your pup to stop barking for 10 seconds, then 15 seconds your dog stops barking after the command.

Another thing to do is to ignore your dog when he or she starts barking. This can work especially when your dog is begging for attention all the time. In time, he or she will learn that barking is not a good behavior and will stop. When your dog stops, turn around and give your dog some well-deserved love and affection-and some treats, too.

When the dog is barking because someone he or she doesn’t know is at the door, you can still enforce this method by desensitizing your dog to the stranger. Start the training by letting the stranger or the dog stand at the distance. Let them come closer, while feeding your dogs some treats. Continue doing this until the person or dog becomes out of sight.

3. Remove the Dog from the Situation

Whenever your dog starts barking, give him a time-out space that will muffle the sound from the neighbors. This will remove him from the motivation of barking.

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Looking at Weapons in Crysis 3

This game is creating thrills among avid gamers of the Crysis collection even though it is not released yet. Lots of people are currently watching out for to experiencing this whole new generation of weaponry as the persona, Prophet, returns into play.

Some of the most thrilling element of Crysis 3 that is soon to be released rests on the weaponry that have been advanced to a newer degree. The Nanosuit has multi-function weaponries that gamers will surely like. One of the exciting arms to look out for in this new series of Crysis games is the Predator’s bow. This is a focal weapon in this game since Prophet is going to portray the life of a huntsman. The crossbow weaponry can explode opponent choppers with no noise compared to that of firearms or bombs.

It is simply awesome! And as plus, a link to a tutorial on how the bow and arrow weaponry is used is provided:

Another firearm that is upgraded to suit the new degree and the other part of Prophet is the Jackal which is known in Crysis 3 as the Alpha Jackal. It’s a shotgun from second Crysis game that can send cruel and destructive shots to allies or foes at close range.

And then there is also the C4, a little explosive that can make a huge explosion as portrayed in Crysis 2 but has been made more powerful in this level of the game.

Then there is also the weaponry created by extraterrestrial creatures called the Ceph Plasma Destroyer. It can fire large rounds of plasma and can destroy anything that it hits. The Prophet’s Nanosuit has the ability to use this weapon when desired by the user.

The previous hammer pistol has now been upgraded and is popularly called in the game as Hammer 2. It’s a firearm that hammers through opponents. Another awesome weapon on this game is the Jaw, a missilereleaser or bazooka that can explode your enemies in no time.

The Scar weapon in the old Crysis sequels has been extremely well-known to gamers but in Crysis 3, this was given a different structure and ability. Players can compel Prophet put different attachments on it and employ it as a destructive weapon to destroy the enemies. And finally there is the Typhoon. This firearm fires ammunitions and has the ability to fire quickly and demolish enemies. It can go 720 bullet roundsper second so opponents will really have no opportunity against Prophet when he wields this weapon. And it absolutely strikes hard on the Ceph aliens.

To get a hold of these entirely different collection of weaponries and the game itself, you need to ensure you are ready. You are probably prepared and thrilled to experience the game however extra stuffs you have to ready are the specifications of your PC or play station. Does your personal computer or your gaming console meets at least the lowest prerequisites? Can you increase those qualifications just in time for the launch of Crysis 3 to enjoy its function more? If you are not sure about your PC’s specifications meeting the minimum requirements, have an expert examine it before it’s too late.

The excitement of becoming one with the lead character Prophet in this game is going on. And everybody certainly is excited at the reports that this game’s new weapons and Nanosuit capabilities. As you wait for therelease of the game, learn as much as you can about every weaponry. The next thing you have to accomplish as soon as you experience of that game is to learn how to wield them.

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Amazing reboot: TombRaider 2013

The latest Tomb Raider game has been due to be released on March 5 and everybodyseems just so eager to give it a shot.

It would be interesting to see the personalities of this game and understand the tale that lies within it as well in order that the moment you start on the game, you’ll experience the life of the conqueror in Tomb Raider attempting to survive and solve a circumstance that the character does not anticipate to occur after the wreckage.


The personalities in this game includes Lara Croft, a young lady who just graduated from college and is prepared to take on her first assignment in searching for missingrelics, and another one is Captain Conrad Roth, the captain of the vessel called Endurance that Lara Croft rode on and has been destroyed before it hit shore.

A Glance at the Tale Behind Tomb Raider

Following the shipwreck, Lara and the other
survivors were swept to the coast of an isolated island named the Dragons Triangle. Because it is an isolated island, retrievalis not possible. So, to be able to survive, Lara Croft needs to search for anything that can be eaten and something to drink. In doing so, she has to fight off undomesticated creatures that inhabit the isolated place and that endanger her every step of the path.

Lara is not used to the viciousness of the jungle-island however she needs to be strong and smart in order to survive. And, aside from hunting for her victuals to live, she needs to look for other survivors as well with the desire of rescuing them and probably looking for a route out of that place as a group. In doing so, she has to fight off assassinsdispatched by a few confidential group that tries to execute her and the rest of the survivors.

So get yourselves ready to ride the tide and experience the adventure that barely Tomb Raider 2013 game can bring.

Creativity behind the Latest Tomb Raider

The game is console-based as stated by manager Karl Stewart when he was asked if Tomb Raider will be available for Nintendo’s. He explains further that if they were to build the game for Nintendo platforms, they will create the game extremely distinctively with exceptional attributes perfect for that gadget.

There has been much work going on even before the latest Tomb Raider came into existence. From the graphics to the dubbing talents, they were all well-thought of. The animation was alleged to be similar to the Tomb Raider: Underworld edition which has been an excellent one. In voice casting, two of the voice casters (actresses) willportray different roles. Keeley Hawes was playing the character of Lara Croft in the past years on the preceding Tomb Raider game series. Right now, Camilla Luddington takes the part of dubbing the voice of Lara Croft using the English while Nadine Njeim gets to dub the role of Lara Croft using Arabic.

All of these and more imaginative advancements behind the game make it worth the play. Enthusiasts or not, give the game a shot and spread the experience whether good or bad. Your opinion will be respected.

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Crysis 3 is Here!

Crysis 3 hasan amazingstory to tell. It is a game with a rich story of mission and vengeance. This game involves a character called “Prophet” who came back to New York City, the tale’ssetting, 24 years following the release of Crysis 2 – in 2023. The Prophet in Crysis 3 is is a different man in Crysis 1. In Crysis 2, the outline of the story potrays that the real “Prophet” passed away because of a virus and deceased on the assignment of protecting the city from alien invasions to a Force Recon Marine called “Alcatraz” who also gained ownership of the Nanosuit 2.0 fromthe Prophet.


In Crysis 2, Prophet (Alcatraz) was hunted by the CryNet Systems, believing he is the real Prophet, to retrieve the Nanosuit. The suit in Crysis 2 has more sophisticated and upgraded features. Several game modes can be utilized simultaneously and some functions were modified.

Looking at the game

With the new Crysis 3 PC game, the tale gets more exciting with Prophet’s return to NY and his discovery of the C.E.L.L. Corporation’s deceitful giant endeavors. The corporation has created the Nanodomes which were called as the Seven Wonders, thus turning the once active town look like an city rainforest. Their intention, based on their statements, is to protect the city’spopulation and abolish the remains of the Ceph or Cephalopods forces – teams of high technology extraterrestrial creatures in the second offering of the Crysis series.

Prophet suddenly realized these were falsehoods so he set out on a mission to punish mankind and halt the extinction that is taking place.

He also discovered that the motive of C.E.L.L.’s constructing these Auditoriums is to seize the territory and technology to control it and successfully dominate the world.

The lead characters of the Crysis 3 are Prophet (the man being sought after in Crysis 2 who turned into the Hunter on an assignment to prevent the destruction of mankind in Crysis 3), the C.E.L.L. Corporation (instigator behind the acquisition of territory and modern equipments with the aim to dominate the world), and the Ceph forces (there were remnants following Crysis 2).

Crysis 3 is due to come out in North America on 19th of February, 2013 and then in Australia on 21st of February this year. And European countries will experience the thrill and excitement of this game once it is released on 22nd of February, 2013 and then Japan on March 7, 2013.

Game modes

Crysis 3 is a one-player game. One who likes to place an order ahead can visit the main website of the game and sign up or click on the pre-order now button on the top portion of the website. But prior to ordering, ensure that your PC or gaming consoles are attuned with the Crysis 3. A few of the system requirements of Crysis 3 involve having a DirectX 11 GPU for Windows PCs, your PC should have at least 2GB of RAM, minimum of a Windows Vista OS, and a hard-disk space of at least 20GB.

Required hardware

The most ideal requirements for your windows computer to get Crysis 3 installed and working efficiently are a Windows 7 Operating System, 20GB hard-disk space, 4GB of RAM, and improved processors (depending on what processor your computer has): AMD GPU – Radeon HD 5870 1024MB; Nvidia GPU – GeForce GTX 560; Intel CPU – Core i3-530 2.9GHz; AMD CPU – Phenom II X2 565.

For further updates on system requirements, the most excellent source to verify them is to go to the official site of Crysis 3.

They are most likely updated with the latest newsgoing on about the game and other useful information you may want to know. It is also the best place to see some sort of awesome images of the game.

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The third Crysis :. Next game is the Best

The Crysis sequel is always one of the benchmarks with regards to visuals and your computer hardware. But apart from the visual aspect, Crysis begun a few exciting gameplay perspectives and schemes into the gaming world and players on computer,Xbox and the PS3 have enjoyed the previous two Crysis sequels. Now Crysis 3 is just around the corner and based from what we heard it seems a mix of the first two games.

Crysis 3 is based in after-destruction era of New York during the year 2047 with jungles and swamps thrown in for good measure.

The settings are different in this instance rather than the strict urban jungle of Crysis 2. And the amalgamation of the former two titles appears to be a good sign by developers Crytek. Although the settings can be a bit memorable to old Crysis fans, the game itself will definitely clear things up.

Now some playersmay worry over design decisions but we think that Crytek did a good job in shaking things up and restructuring the game with set piece instances.

For instance a fight that happens in a grassy garden where you come up close with Ceph Stalkers. In this set piece you can’t battle these ogres so you will have to make a run for it if you don’t want to be skinned alive. But at the end of the stage you will get access to a tower which will transform you into a hunter instead of the hunted.

Speaking of the hunter and hunted, Crytek has created the latest game mode called the Hunter. Now according to the CEO of Crytek Cevat Yerli the approach although being a multiplayer offering it is more simiar to a one player gameplay. And that is the main target of Crytek, Yerli announces.

“We didn’t want it to be, ‘Here comes the one player mode, now after you’re finished with single-player just jump into multiplayer’, [something] that everybody is doing for quite a while , including Crysis 2,” he stated. “We aimed to offer some new approaches, and also offer something that you can drift to quickly.”

The approach is all about switching between dissimilar experiences. At first there will be two armored fighter that will hunt down a team of CELL fighters. Each time a CELL warrior is killed, instead of that character just turning into a spectator, turns in to one among the armored super soldiers called Hunters. So as the leve advances the wanted will be the huntsmen. This presents some really thrilling possibilities and is a fresh change in the gaming norms, one thing that Yerli is very excited about.

“Once there’s one guy surviving, he’s just amazing. That reward is as persona and as cinematic as possible,” says Yerli. “So it’s the largely one player-esque rich, or cinematic multiplayer experience you can get, whether you’re playing as the Huntsman or the CELL troops.”

In addition, he said that this is something really differentiates Crysis 3 from other shooting games and that this multiplayer/single player collision will always present you with a different game experience.

“Although you are shot,slayed and resurrected, it’s enjoyable enough for you toplay once more. In certified competitive, symmetric multiplayer, there is a defeated one at the end of the day. Even if youresurrected, or lose agame, you lost it. If you lose it many times, it’s the same experience again. Through the Huntsman mode you definitely get a unusual gameplay.”

Each of these qualities make Crysis 3 an tempting option. In addition to that graphics that will carry you away and we have a combination that seems to be a huge success. However nothing is for certain and we will have to wait to see how things shape up when the Crysis3 is at last released on 21st February 2013.

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Far Cry 3 returns the actual sequence most people enjoy

play a game

With Christmas arriving just around the corner, Ubisoft is adding more color to gamers’ wish list with the upcoming release of Far Cry 3. Players who have been around for some time will recognize Long way away as hands-down one of the best third person shooters of all time. The thrilling action combined with the captivating storyline in the original storyline has conquered million of hearts since its release – this time it is back with stunning new graphics and a much enhanced storyline.

It takes more than just eye-candy to create a good game though. For FC3 to be a success, developers have to correct everything they did wrong in the earlier game. FC2 would be a major disappointment – much credit that goes to a mediocre storyline and a lot of user-unfriendly mechanics. Good news is Ubisoft lets us know that FC3 may have “at least ten times bigger storyline”. There’s word around the stealth system continues to be completely reworked and few RPG-style elements has been added (exp style gain levels and possible talent trees). Playing the demo confirmed us of two additional features: players will be able to shoot from behind objects in crouch-mode, along with the ability of performing melee “takedowns”.

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Relaxing, unwinding, enjoying, as well as coping with: Computer Games

Games are a funny thing.

They can bring out the worst, and best in people. Whether that’s their competitive nature, or simply their general lifestyle, playing some games just changes people. Some people anyway.

Christmas must be a hard time for addictive personalities, and gamers particularly. Like those who like to drink too much, walking into a bottle-shop, the months prior to Christmas are often filled with new game releases, as companies attempt to target that lucrative Christmas retail time. There is a lot of profit, so there is a lot of interest, and when the economy is especially fragile, then these times become more vital that you businesses.

What exactly game is the one that suits you, or your teenager, the best? Well this will depend on what you prefer, obviously, but odds are it involves shooting, blood, gore, and general destruction. Black Ops 2 will be the winner there, providing some multi player mayhem, plenty of explosions, new toys and in all likelihood endless frustration. Perhaps even.. Grumpiness!

Analysing games can be very fun obviously, and while many dream about testing games as a living I wouldn’t want to do that myself because it would probably wind up ruining among the great past-times that are offered to us still. They say if you do anything for any job that it ruins it for you, and I suspect that’s most evident.

From small platform games, to massively multi player online epic games with worlds full of thousands and thousands of people playing from every part of the world, to a simple phone app game that means slapping the cat or throwing some birds around, you will find games that may suit our every mood, and need.

Do not underestimate the health benefits of doing offers – and merely unwinding. Have a load off, just relax and be taken on an outing – as being a good book, but a little more interactive, reading a book or playing a game title can just provide you with a few hours from the very mundane.

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Analysing Assassin’s Creed 3

With October so close, and not far away now, it is indeed exciting to know that Assassin’s Creed 3 is going to be released by the end of the month.

While previous releases have been a great lead in, it has been quite some time since the actual previous chapter, and I for one am really looking forward to getting my hands on a hard box.

Up to this point the outlook on AC3 has been brilliant – extremely good reviews coming out from all areas, and some incredibly thought provoking videos – not to mention the four section revelation that the game developers produced for us – showcasing lots of Assassin’s Creed 3. Tremendous amounts of work has gone into the game, and I for one, look forward to buying it!

Look, a brief history lessons which are kind of incorporated into Assassin’s Creed Three might not be to everyone’s taste, that’s certainly true, but there’s no harm in picking up a bit of extra understanding – and if it is loosely according to accurate events that simply adds a little bit of piquancy towards the story. It will certainly be interesting to determine what sort of spin the game wears some of the figures, some of history’s finest figures. Period has a tendency to boring memory as well as history is actually compiled by the actual victors, without doubt, however this looks to become a different representation associated with historical greats.

Certainly it won’t be the first time that the makers from the Assassin’s Creed sequence took upon a few of the big figures in our society — as well as in less than a complimentary method.

While DaVinci has played an optimistic role for the murderer, the popal structure was much less fortunate, and I expect more of the same will go on within this game. Not too becoming an assassin is a respectable profession by any stretch from the imagination!

Well it’s a game, who cares about integrity really, We leave that to other people wanting to argue about it. Among the finest to see a great storyline, a lot of action, good missions, and some brand new adventures – whether upon land, in forest, hill, or on the ocean.

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